Welcome to the North Berkeley Writers’ pages. We are an informal group of writers of fiction and nonfiction narrative who share, discuss, and mentor each other’s works in progress and other works we may want to receive feedback on.

Each member-author has their own pages on this site, which other members and visitors to the blog can access by clicking the author’s name in the sidebar on the right. You activate your Author link here by posting your first piece of writing. If you already have a website of your own, you can easily add it as a link.

If you’d like to join us and post your writing informally, join our Readers/ Critique group, or both, send your request and your email address to: northberkeleywriters@victoriachames.com. (We do not give your email to anyone else.) You will receive an email that contains your secure “Invitation” which has a link that takes you to the blog sign-up, and then to your own control center “dashboard.”

Lots of useful information pages are accessible without membership, listed in the sidebar and top-of-page menu, such as “Tools and Inspiration.” You’ll find good how-to books &classes, articles and techniques that some of our members have found especially valuable, either as inspiration or as practical nuts-and-bolts advice for more effective writing.

2 Responses to Home

  1. I would like the North Berkeley Writers to read my memoir
    A Mango for the Teacher: Running the Beach and Running a School in Cancún’s Early Days. You can read it online at Smashwords.com, and here is a coupon code: EV37R. You can download the entire book for free using that code. Please write me and tell me how you like it, or go to Amazon.com and review it when you’ve had a chance to read it. The coupon code will be good to download the book until Feb. 19th.
    ¡Hasta pronto!

  2. another traveler here. says:

    I don’t check this blog as often as I should and missed the code thing, but I’ll go to Smashwords.com and see if I can read it.

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