#13 Beta Readers = Fresh Eyes

A beta reader is someone who reads an unpublished manuscript at an early development stage and gives feedback to the writer. Beta readers provide a second perspective (or third, or fourth) which can often spot fixable flaws or shortfalls in the manuscript that the writers didn’t see, because we are too close to it.

How does the process work? Choose the way that’ easiest for you:

1. Read the chapters on the web and give feedback on the Beta Readers Comments page.
2. Download chapters as PDFs to read later, then email me your response in a note.
3. PDFs can also be exported as Word.docs and marked-up using the “Review” system.
4. Can be sent to you by Email, you read at your leisure and return your notes.=
5. The old-fashioned way (that most editors like) Chapters can be sent to you by snail-mail, as hard-copy print-outs , to be read, ”marked-up” and sent back with your comments scribbled right on the actual pages. Organic!
On the web, the works and the comments are both  password-protected; they can’t be seen by search engines or anyone else except you and me.

I’m seeking two or three readers who might be:
(1) fellow-writers, but don’t know me personally, and
(2) non-writers, people with life-experiences who like to read.
(3) people with backgrounds in EMS, Fire Service would be especially helpful.

The book is Victory Is My Name, A Memoir. If you are interested in reading and being a contributor to my creative nonfiction book, please go to this page, request a password, and tell me about yourself. http://w2w.victoriachames.com/workslogin.html


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